sábado, 14 de junho de 2014

Miss the old times

daisma vaz
Photo: Daísma Vaz
Junho 2014

After a long time feeling blue, I stopped posting and taking photos of me. The reason was very simple, I had no inspiration, no mood, and no body to do that. So I asked for friends to be my models, but that's not easy to find, I'm always busy and tired. College, and my classes occupy my whole day and some weight.
But I'm feeling good today. Sometimes I miss my best friend, and most of the time I feel like something it's just not happening in my life. An emptiness that breaks my heart without any reason. And when I'm all alone, I take photos. Just pick the camera, put in front of me, sit, and that's it. Simple and silly. Someday I'll be gone, and I hope my photos will be viewed by future relatives. I hope they think of me as someone who was at least pretty. I'm 25, and sometimes I thing it's 25 x 25...
My time is running out and I record my face for days when it won't be made ​​of flesh.
That is so empty. So futile. 
Yeah, maybe
Beto is always telling me this. He's a sweet. Always worried about me, always watching me in a way I can't follow... This picture I took for him, even the necklace he gave me appears.

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